3 days
Wines and Châteaux, Wines and Gastronomy, Wines and Literature
April – October

Gastronomy and Literature in the Loire Valley
3 days / 2 nights

From Touraine to Anjou, the Royal River shells on its flanks its castles and vineyards reviving Renaissance times

  • Cruise on the Loire river on a traditional private boat driven by a waterman who reveals the secrets of the Royal River and why it has been classified as World Heritage.
  • Visiting ancient troglodyte dwellings now turned into cellars for aging wines.
  • Cooking class with regional recipes.
  • Visiting a goat farm and tasting the famous local goat cheese, the Sainte Maure de Touraine.

Day 1 : Vouvray, Chenonceau and Tours

  • Visiting and tasting in a wine estate in AOC Vouvray with its typical troglodyte cellars
  • Lunch in a restaurant on the banks of the Loire.
  • Visiting Château de Chenonceau, its elegant arches spanning the Cher. You are told the life of the ladies who made History : Catherine de Medici, Diane de Poitiers and Louise de Lorraine.
  • Visiting the historic centre of Tours : St. Gatien Cathedral and Plumereau Square.
  • Check-in in a chateau – hotel near Tours.
  • Free dinner.

Day 2 : Cooking class, along the Loire and Chinon

  • Hands-on cooking class and then lunch with the dishes you prepared yourself.
  • Cruise on board a gabarre on the Loire river – traditional wooden boat with a flat bottom – the waterman tells you about the history of the river, its faun, its flora and the secrets of its election to the UNESCO World Heritage in 2000.
  • Visiting a troglodyte house, home of a great Renaissance writer, and the museum dedicated to him.
  • Visiting a wine estate near Chinon and tasting Chinon AOC.
  • Dinner with matching of wine and food in a gourmet restaurant near Tours.

Day 3 : Saché, the Indre Valley and Amboise

  • Visiting château de Saché, the refuge of Balzac and its museum dedicated to the writer.
  • Visiting a goat farm and tasting of fresh and refined cheeses.
    “Organic lunch” in a tavern in the Manse Valley.
  • Visiting the Château Royal d’Amboise, its panoramic view over the Loire and the history of illustrious personages who lived or stayed there such like Charles VIII, François 1er or Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Back to Paris.
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dégustation de vin en Val de Loire
Val de Loire dîner au château Royal dAmboise
Val de Loire Fête Renaissance au château dAmboise
Val de Loire Jardins de Villandry 2
Val de Loire Jardins de Villandry
Val de Loire le Vieux Tours

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
2 February 2019

Everything was perfect ! The hotel was lovely, the restaurants were really fantastic, except maybe “La Toque blanche” which was “normal”.

4 February 2019

Everything was perfect !
The hotel was lovely, the restaurants were really fantastic, except maybe the White hat that was “normal”.
The highlight was the Conservatory of Tomato, a dream place and we received like kings.
The little cruise, charming!
The guide very friendly.
In all you did a very good job.
Another big thank you to all of us!
Yours truly.

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