3 days
Wines and Gastronomy
May – September

Alsace : a unique terroir and picturesque villages
3 days / 2 nights

Its flowery villages with half-timbered houses, its famous wine route and its culinary traditions

  • In Colmar, a boat ride on the river Lauch which meanders through the district of “Little Venice”.
  • The Wine route : visiting Riquewihr, the pearl of the vineyard, visiting wineries and tasting Grands Crus in Bergheim and Kientzheim.
  • Visiting the Strasbourg Cathedral and its famous and impressive astronomical clock with its automatons and the Parade of the Apostles before Christ.
  • Wine and Cheese tasting at the Cheese House in Gunsbach.

Day 1 : Colmar and Gunsbach

  • Visiting the old city of Colmar and its main monuments : the Dominican church, the « Maison des Têtes », the Pfister house, the Zum Schwan House and the Koïfhus, the Tanners‘ district and the Fishmonger’s wharf.
  • The visit continues by boat on the river Lauch through the winding canals of Little Venice, the residential area of the market gardeners in the midst of a green nature while the boatman tells you the story of Colmar.
  • Lunch in a Winstub, typical Alsatian Restaurant.
  • In Gunsbach, visiting Doctor Schweitzer’s house followed by a wine and cheese tasting at the house of Cheese.
  • Free dinner and overnight.

Day 2 : Riquewihr and the wine Route

  • Visiting Bergheim.
  • Visiting and tasting at Domaine Marcel Deiss, in Bergheim.
  • Lunch in a restaurant in Riquewihr, the pearl of the Alsatian Vineyard.
  • Visiting Riquewihr, ranked among the most beautiful villages of France.
  • Visiting and tasting in a renowned winery in Kientzheim.
  • Back to Colmar.
  • Free dinner and overnight.

Day 3 : Strasbourg, Obernai and Barr

  • Transfer to Strasbourg. On the way, visiting Haut Koenigsbourg, fortified castle dating from the 12th century which for over 850 years endured several wars and hosted emperors, kings and dictators.
  • Visiting Strasbourg, its Notre Dame Cathedral, masterpiece of Gothic Art, « la Petite France », a district like a small Venice and alleys of the old town with half-timbered houses.
  • Lunch in a gourmet restaurant in a 15th and 16th century House.
  • Visiting and tasting in a winery in Barr.
  • Back to Colmar.
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